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Herb Plants

In addition to growing starts for folks to plant in their garden, the vision of Kindred Herbs is to join with the growing movement of sustainable herbalism. As herbalism increases in popularity, over harvesting of important medicinal plants in the wild has become a deep concern for the ecological longevity of these vital plant populations. It has become increasing important to grow what we can in our own gardens and farms, for our local communities, toward building more capacity and creating increased resiliency for our local communities, our bioregions. Thankfully many of the medicines found in the wild can be grown in our own garden or farm and the sustainable motto has become, “Grow Your Own”. Let’s do this with our medicines as well as our food! Let’s help keep our bio-regions full of diversity! We can cultivate the best medicines from around the world in our own backyard, thus reducing our “ecological footprint” and help bring about a healthier planet for future generations.

People and plants have co-evolved for thousands of years. Humans have relied upon them for our food, fibre, building materials, crafts, medicine, etc. Most of modern medicines’ pharmacopoeia is based on nature’s remedies, our beloved herbs. In the spirit of traditional wisdom Kindred Herbs supports folks to cultivate connection with the healing power of plants, in mind, body, and spirit. Kinship means relation. Growing herbs has a benefit beyond creating beautiful landscapes, it increases biodiversity, fosters habitat for beneficial pollinators to help manage a healthy ecosystem in your garden or farm, as well as provide a delicious tea or medicine to help soothe a malady. 

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