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Using this map can help you determine what plants will be suited for your climate. This is a great resource to utilize and helpful when determining "Right Plant, Right Place." It can also be helpful to know this information when you talk with other growers and gardeners about plants. However, do not restrict yourself completely to this map as it is just a "guideline". Each region, each property has unique "micro-climates" and areas/pockets that may be a bit warmer, cooler, dryer, or more moist than other areas/zones in your landscape. It's fun to push the botanical boundaries and you will be amazed that a plant will grow happily in your area when no one else you know has one. Micro-climates can be created by thermal mass, such as a grove of tree's, next to a building, rock walls, inside a greenhouse, and temperature ranges can occur down in a gully, on the north or south side of your home or hillside. Moisture differences can be spoted in places such as near a drainage ditch, down spout, etc. Green thumbs do not happen over night, they take time to green up, so don't be discouraged if you experiment and it doesn't work out. My recommendation with experiments is "Start small" and observe. Have fun! Plant outside the lines!

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