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Fall an Ideal Time for Planting Perennials

Although many people think of spring as the ideal season for planting, planting perennial plants in the fall has a number of benefits! We’ve got four reasons why planting your perennials in fall can help them grow stronger and give you a jumpstart on a thriving garden.

1. The Weather

Although warm temperatures often persist into fall in Santa Cruz, the sun is lower in the sky and as the season progresses, temperatures gradually become cooler and less intense for newly transplanted perennials. With less heat and direct sun, soil and plants can retain water more easily, reducing stress and encouraging better root establishment.

2. Warmer Soil

It takes awhile for the soil to warm up in the spring, particularly after a cold and wet winter. In fall, the soil is starting to cool off as temperatures drop, but it still retains warmth from the prior months of summer weather. Warmer soil helps plant roots grow more effectively and become established. The cooler temperatures of late fall and winter also slow vegetative growth above ground, which gives plants the chance to focus their energy on building stronger root systems. With these stronger root systems, your plants will be able to take in more nutrients and water so that by the time spring and summer arrive, your plants are ready to grow vegetatively above ground and grow bigger faster.

3. Timing Before Winter Rains

Perennials planted in the fall are able to take advantage of the late fall and winter rains, rather than be dependent upon drip irrigation. The deeper soaking of the soil that occurs with rain can also help plant roots grow deeper and establish better compared with more shallow irrigation that sometimes occurs with automated irrigation systems that may be set to conserve water during dry seasons.

4. The Next Kindred Herbs Medicinal Plant Sale is October 12-13

If you want to start or continue planting your medicinal herb garden, now is the time to pick up more plants and get them in the ground! This plant sale will feature some new medicinal herbs that weren’t available at the July plant sale, including Helichrysum, Blue Flag Iris, Calamus, and Dogbane, to name a few. You can view the complete availability list at

Your medicinal herb garden awaits! Now is the time to start planning out where you will plant the new medicinal herbs that you’ll find this October at our plant sale. During the sale, we will be happy to help you select the right plants for your garden and needs. Happy planting!


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